Who wants something fun? Our newest apprentice flash sheet is here!! Call or message us to make an appointment for one of these guys! $40 CASH ONLY// About 1.5”-3” but can be resized a little. 405-701-1776. (expired)

We are ready when you are! Call or message us to make your appointment today!

Beautiful piece by Ashley!

Our beautiful client is modeling and showing off her love for big cats. Photo by Shevaun Williams. Hair and Makeup by Sharon Tabb. Cat by Mother Nature.

It was such an honor to get the opportunity to do this memorial piece for the Rogers family. David “HEK” Rogers did a really beautiful job!

Hilarious and fun coloring book by Natalie Schultz. Good for all ages, too. $15 smackaroos!

Studio Ink Artwalk Art Show! Join the event on Facebook! 6-10 on 3/11. There will be beautiful art by Mario Winston, free food, and a chance to WIN a Studio Ink giftcard or t shirt!!

http://Studio Ink Artwalk Art Show!

These guys are killing it around here! Call or come by to get in! (405)701-1776

Beautiful in progress piece by David Rogers. We have gift cards that would make a really fun gift for a tattoo lover in your family.. Just sayin

$50 semi colon tattoos today! Call or come by to make sure we can get you in!