Piercing FAQ

What do I do if I think I have an infection or allergic reaction?

Often times what people think of as an infection is simply irritation. Left unchecked, an irritation can lead to an infection. If your piercing is not 100%, come into the studio and let us look at it. Important: Bacteria causes infection, not piercings or jewelry. Removing jewelry closes piercings and seals infectious waste in the body. It is counterproductive to actually treating infection but that does not stop some healthcare workers from allowing personal prejudice to affect professional judgment. Point is, come see us!

Is an appointment necessary?

We accept walk-ins from 12p-8/9p Tuesday-Saturday.

Can a minor get a piercing?

Yes! 7 years old and up can get their lobes. 14 years old and up can get everything except dermals, nipples, and genitals. Make sure to bring a photo ID for both the parent or legal guardian, the minor (a student ID, parent portal page, a dated park pass, passport, state issued ID, or yearbook), and a birth certificate for the kiddo.

What do I need to do before getting pierced?

Make sure to hydrate and eat something and arrive clean. Simple as that!

What do I need to bring with me?

A good attitude and a government issued ID. Minors need to bring a parent or legal guardian, a photo ID for parent and child (school ID, a dated park pass, passport, or state issued ID will work for the minor), and a birth certificate for the minor.

 Is it a good idea to get pierced if I am about to go on vacation?                                

It is important to factor in personal, family/social and employment concerns when deciding to get pierced. Do you really want to spend your trip pampering a piercing?! That sounds terrible… Go enjoy yourself! Go swim! Go hike! Go play! Get pierced when you are home and have access to a professional piercer so if concerns should arise you can come see us as well as implement your aftercare into a normal routine.

Can I go swimming after getting pierced?

NO. NOPE. NOPERS. ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Lakes, rivers, oceans, bays, streams, creeks, pools, puddles, and hot tubs are all to be avoided. Chemicals in treated water can irritate piercings and still leave them open to infection. The many and varied bacterial strains in our untreated water sources make infections imminent and difficult to treat. Even baths are suspect as they are often shared with other dirty humans and soap or cleaning chemical residue can be irritating. We suggest not swimming or soaking until you are healed. 

What is the healing time for my piercing?

We will go over this with your aftercare instructions. All healing times are an average and estimate. Some people will take longer or heal sooner. Some things that may lengthen healing times are things like touching your piercing, changing the jewelry too soon, not following aftercare instructions, or bumping it. When in doubt ask your piercer.

Can I be pierced with a hoop?

Soooo, sometimes. It depends on the piercing. We will not pierce nostrils, navels, or nipples with hoops. These are more likely to get snagged or bumped. We would be happy to help you change them out if you still want a hoop once these piercings have healed.

How much will my piercings cost?

It depends. Piercings start at $50 for one and $80 for a pair. Feel free to come by or call us for more info!

Will it hurt?

Yup, but you’ll be just fine. We take our jobs, if not ourselves, very seriously and will do our very best to limit the amount of pain that you will feel but honestly, it takes just a few moments and you’ll be so excited about your new piercing that any pinch will be a distant memory!

How long do I need to wait to change my jewelry?

The appropriate time for changing jewelry varies depending on what you get and how well you take care of it. (For instance, if you sleep on your piercing it will likely take longer than average time to heal and subsequently lengthen the amount of time before jewelry can be changed or removed.) It is best to wait and err on the side of caution. It is always advisable to have the first few jewelry changes done professionally and to wait a minimum of 6 months before doing changes independently. Come in to see us for a quick post-piercing check-up. We will gladly help you determine your readiness to switch and go over some of the long-term care considerations that will keep your piercing happy for the long haul.